Capital District YMCA

Protected with 3M Scotchshield
Ultra Safety & Security Film



The YMCA's of the Capital District have wired glass in their facility just as many other similar buildings do. Recent changes in the billing code no longer accept wired glass to be considered impact resistant. Therefore, facilities such as the YMCA and schools are beginning to reevaluate their existing wired glass in order to improve its impact resistance. 


Installing 3M Ultra Safety & Security Film onto existing wired glass allows these windows to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) 16 CFR Category II and ANSI Z97.1 impact standards. Applying the security film onto existing wired glass is also cost effective because the windows do not need to be replaced>


Several Weeks after the initial installation at the East Greenbush YMCA, Bob Atty contacted American Sun Control to replace a window that had been broken. Atty spoke about how remarkable the film was because although the window broke, no one was injured and the window stayed in place. Since then, there has been several cases like this where American Sun Control has reapplied security film within 24 hours. Therefore, ensuring safety and security of the building. 


The YMCA Property Director, Bob Atty has seen first and the benefits of having the 3M Film applied to all of their wired glass surrounding the gymnasium. He said,

"I have witnessed human impact against wired glass when the 3M Security Film has been installed by American Sun Control. It is self-assuring knowing that no one is going to get injured because we are using this material. I would recommend this this for any facility that has the potential for glass being broke and there is a danger for someone getting injured."

Project SUmmary

3M Dealer: Rob Bouchey, American Sun Control

Installation Date: 2007

Type of Film: 3M Scotchshield Ultra SCLARL400 Superior Strength Shield Clear

Project Notes:
YMCA Property Directors such as Mr. Bob Atty were impressed that 3M Security Film could be applied to existing wired glass as a cost effective solution to meet building codes without affecting the fire code rating of wired glass.